Join Flights for Forests

Flights for Forests is a carbon-offset scheme to reduce the impact of air travel on the environment.  It was initiated by the Jesuits in the Asia Pacific region in 2011 and is open to everyone. The money collected is used to support local and indigenous youth in rural areas to care for creation in very practical ways of regenerating forests and water in their communities in several countries in the region. Currently, the communities supported are in the Philippines, Cambodia and Timor-Leste.

Participating is simple.  Sign up to the programme and commit US$5 for each flight you take.  At the end of the year, submit the accumulated sum to the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific secretariat.

Flights for Forests is managed by Environmental Science for Social Change, a Jesuit research institute that promotes environmental sustainability and social justice, in conjunction with the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.

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Checklists to help educational institutions, houses and homes, and parishes be environmentally friendly.


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Be mindful of your carbon footprint, live and consume responsibly, recycle.  Here are some things you can do.


1.  Calculate your carbon footprint


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