Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ often spoke of “our way of proceeding”, and one of the first steps the Conference took when it made Reconciliation with Creation a priority engagement was to discern our way of proceeding in relation to the environment.

In 2011, the Ecology Task Force of Asia Pacific developed Our Environmental Way of Proceeding, a document that provides us with a framework and an operative spirituality that guides us in an experience of, and deepens our relationship with, creation and Creator.  It guides our ecology strategy and action plan.

Our Environmental Way of Proceeding consists of seven points that deepen our response to the challenge of reconciliation with creation in our lives and institutes.

  1. We acknowledge God as Creator of all life and find some quiet moment each day to appreciate this with gratitude.
  2. We as an apostolic body seek to reflect and speak of what we experience and discern of our relationship with and responsibility for the natural systems.
  3. We recognize that the children we see today inherit this living world and as we choose to sustain it by finding God at work in all things, we humbly work with young people.
  4. We seek to reach out in hope to the poor who are increasingly losing their livelihoods and ecological sustainability and incorporate their concerns in our care for the web of life.
  5. We support good actions in contemporary culture and explore needed alternatives with decision; we partner with others broadening our capacity to transform environmental attitudes and relations.
  6. We seek the greater good of finding how people can work with the gifts of creation; we live life as a mission, to heal and share with others the fullness of life.
  7. We accept the challenge of living sustainably in the world.

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