Reconciliation with Creation has been an apostolic priority of the Jesuits in Asia Pacific since 2010. We were encouraged the following year by the publication of Healing a Broken World in which Father General, Adolfo Nicolás SJ, emphasised the need for all Jesuit ministries to engage in reconciliation with creation.  In 2011, the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific also initiated Flights for Forests, a carbon-offset scheme to reduce the impact of air travel on the environment.

In 2015, we enthusiastically welcomed Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si, appreciating the attention he drew to the urgent need for reconciliation with creation. In a statement issued after their July meeting that year, the major superiors in our Jesuit Conference urged “all the members of our Conference, our colleagues, and all those we seek to serve to make a thoughtful and generous response to the Holy Father’s plea”. They highlighted the need to continue to examine the issues of migration; pollution; nuclear power; sustainable energy; stewardship of resources; and the dignity of every human person — all issues that Pope Francis raised in his encyclical.

As we persevere in our efforts in reconciliation with creation, we draw strength from a perspective of gratitude for the communities that sustain us, the structures that allow us to continually grow and the grace to share this growth. We strive to think ecologically, from a humble faith perspective, about care of creation. This affects our daily lives and prayer and gives us context for reflection and discernment that in turn leads to engagement and collaboration for concrete actions in reconciliation with creation. In particular we consider the role of ecology and healing in community life, formation and leadership, and collaboration in mission.

WHAT YOU CAN DO to protect and preserve the environment
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