JCAP’s 2016 annual report now available online

In our latest annual report, we look back on a year of key milestones throughout the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific, recall the Pope’s visit to the Philippines, review the history of the Arrupe International Residence, continue our dialogue with Buddhism, and learn about the impact of the Spiritual Exercises in China.  Also, JCAP President Fr Mark Raper SJ reflects on the Conference’s growth and the importance of collaboration in mission. 

As Ignatius Would

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Ignatius Loyola’s gift to the Church was about choice: how to make the best decision in our lives. In the celebrations for Ignatius Loyola the readings speak of choice and of the mission that follows the choice.  Ignatius invites us to say ‘no’ to the self that is focused on itself: the surface self, the small, fearful, insecure self.  By contrast the Gospel reveals the sacred, unique, individual self, the person created and sustained in life by God, loved as a son and daughter, whom Jesus wants to be saved. 

Jesuit Education in Timor Leste

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The Society of Jesus has administered Colégio de São José at the request of the Bishop of Dili since 1993. However, CSJ is and continues to be a school of the Diocese of Dili.  Direction of CSJ will revert to the Dili Diocese at the end of 2011, but our work in education in Timor Leste will continue.  

Fr Mark Raper SJ has issued a statement in Timor Leste regarding the Society’s position on Jesuit education in the country.

JCAP President’s Schedule for October – December 2010

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Cooperation on Common Projects

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The mid-year meeting of provincials held in Seoul this July 19-23 chose migration, the environment and the development of Colégio São José, Timor Leste as three apostolic projects for immediate Conference-wide cooperation.  Three ‘internal’ or Jesuit governance projects were also chosen:  continued comprehensive planning for a Jesuit formation that offers a heart for the poor and respect for cultures; the development of governance arrangements for Myanmar; and a decision to build a new fund to support our common activities.

JCAP President’s Schedule for September – November 2010

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Sep 13 – 17           In Chiang Mai, Thailand with the JCIM Meeting for Indigenous Youth
Sep 18 – 26           In Rome, Meeting of Conference Presidents  with Fr General
Oct 04 – 11            In Melbourne, Australian Province Consult and Ministries Commission
Oct 14 – 17            In Beijing, China for The Beijing Center Board Meeting

Oct 04 – 11 In Melbourne, Australian Province Consult and Ministries Commission
Oct 14 – 17 In Beijing, China for The Beijing Center Board Meeting
Oct 18 – Nov 03 In Manila, AIR Board, JCAP Consult and various meetings
Nov 04 – 12 In Rome, 30th Anniversary of JRS and Pedro Arrupe Lecture
Nov 14 – 30 In Manila, Arrupe Residence Anniversary events and Visitation