Promoting a culture of safety and protection for minors

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Establishing protocols and procedures for the safeguarding of minors is not as easy as installing a software application.  Protecting minors in Jesuit institutions from sexual abuse needs careful evaluation of how Jesuits and collaborators operate in their apostolates, discernment on policies and steps to take when cases arise, reparation when mistakes and harm have been done, and willingness to change and provide structures for children to grow fully.

Irish Jesuit Fr John Sullivan beatified

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Fr John Sullivan SJ, noted for his untiring attention to the sick and the poor, was beatified on May 13, 2017 in Gardiner Street Church in Dublin.  The ceremony, attended by almost 2,000 people, consisted of a mass during which a formal request for beatification was made publicly.  In an unprecedented ecumenical gesture, the request was made jointly by the Church of Ireland and the Catholic Archbishops, reflecting the fact that Fr John was Anglican for the first half of his life and Roman Catholic for the second.

Irish Jesuit Province commits to “Flights for Forests”

The Irish Jesuit Province has signed up to participate in Flights for Forests, the carbon-offset programme developed by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.  This is one of the results of the Jesuit Provincialate’s decision to commit to reflecting critically on its use of air-travel in response to Pope Francis’ invitation to us all to acknowledge our environmental responsibility.

Fr General calls for societies to welcome migrants and refugees

On January 13, Father Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, joined the community of Centro Astalli (Jesuit Refugee Service Italy) in commemorating the International Day for Migrants and Refugees at the Church of Gesù, the Mother Church of the Society in Rome.

“This moment presents an important invitation to the Society of Jesus to accompany, with its few resources, and to share in the anxieties and hopes of the refugees here in Italy and everywhere in the world,” said Fr Sosa at the event.

I Get You

Jesuit Refugee Service Europe has launched a campaign called “I Get You” to map, network and strengthen local initiatives of refugee welcome in Europe.

Across Europe, citizens have opened their doors to people in search of safety – migrants and refugees – sharing meals, learning languages and simply being together.  The goal of I Get You is to identify and bring together community building initiatives for local citizens and refugees in nine European countries.

Examining the treatment and needs of young adults in Irish prisons

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The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice in Dublin, Ireland has embarked on an extensive review of the needs of young adults aged 18 to under 25 in Irish prisons. This is a first for young adults in Irish prisons and is aimed at influencing policy and how the prison service responds to the specific needs of this group. Due to be published in the next couple of months the report highlights key issues and provides policy recommendations.