Timor Leste

The purpose of Jesuit studies is apostolic

Solid formation of Jesuits is critical for the Society of Jesus to effectively carry out of its mission. It was with this uppermost in mind that 20 Jesuits came together in the annual JCAP Formators’ Circle meeting held in Singapore from June 27 to 30. The Jesuits were mainly Formation Delegates of the provinces, regions and missions within the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific as well as rectors of colleges and other key personnel in the area of formation.

Transformative education and social engagement have great synergy

How we manage our natural resources on this planet, and do so in an inclusive way, is the challenge of present and coming generations.  A three-day conference on Transformative Land and Water Governance held in the Philippines in May sought to address this challenge.

An experience of synergy among development officers

In the mathematics of synergy, 1 plus 1 does not equal 2, but 3 or more. The sum total of the experience and practical know-how of the group is greater than just the added up experience and contributions of the individuals. This was the case at the recent Development Officers meeting, which brought together representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Timor Leste, and Australia with Karen Goh from JCAP and Fr Jorge Serrano SJ from the Curia in Rome joining as resource persons.

Jesuit Education Project in Timor Leste officially opens

Projeto Educação Jesuíta was inaugurated on January 25, with a number of special guests including Father Adolfo Nicolás, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, giving the project their blessing.

Fr General visits Korea and Timor Leste

Fr Adolfo Nicolás, Superior General of the Society of Jesus visited the Asia Pacific Conference in January, to attend the Major Superiors Assembly, which was held in Timor Leste. 

Learning about liturgical music

Ten Jesuits recently spent 10 days learning about liturgical music, actually composing pieces as an assignment.  They learnt about about the principles of liturgical music and musical composition, teaching music and conducting choirs.  They were asked to write songs for liturgical use, which were performed in a recital and used at the Mass at the conclusion of the workshop.

Developing Ignatian teachers

Teachers from Jesuit schools in Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Timor-Leste and Cambodia, including four Jesuit priests and one scholastic, recently gathered in Sydney, Australia, for an Advanced Ignatian Teaching Programme. The five-day workshop, which began on November 11, was conducted by teachers and staff of St Ignatius College, Riverview.

Re-creating the Apostleship of Prayer in Asia

What is the face of the Apostleship of Prayer in Asia? This was the main question delegates at the 5th Apostleship of Prayer Asian Conference had to address as they gathered to discuss how to re-create the apostolate.

The value of a good education

Isaías Caldas knows the value of a good education. The Jesuit scholastic grew up in Timor Leste and was one of a privileged few who attended St Joseph College, a Jesuit-run senior high school. But most of his peers had no such luck: their country’s education system had been rendered broken and ineffective by decades of Indonesian occupation and centuries of Portuguese colonisation; their parents were eking out a living in a country on the cusp of independence - surviving from one day to the next took precedence over planning for their children’s future.

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