Pope Francis’ call to be eco-revolutionaries

Being a Christian involves obedience. It’s easier to obey a superior we like unless he makes the likeable somewhat difficult. Jesuits, with our special vow, think this affable Pope is easy to follow when he asks us to be revolutionaries; but, when we put “eco-” in front, is it easy? Personally, I share with Francis being a Jesuit, chemist, activist, and Facebook friend; however, he encourages me to do more: extraordinary dedication, intensive focus, and community/team cooperation. We are called to heal our wounded Earth at this time of anthropogenic climate change.

Developing more discerning leaders

In launching its new Graduate Certificate in Leadership, Spirituality and Organisational Practice, Sentir is bringing together some of the best knowledge from around the world linking Ignatian spirituality to people’s working lives.

The Dean of Sentir, Fr Michael Smith SJ, says the course is unique in bringing together the tools of organisational development and the Spiritual Exercises.

Celebrating 400 years since the Jesuits first arrived in Vietnam

The Society of Jesus in Vietnam has begun a year of celebrations leading up to the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Jesuits in the country.  On January 18, 1615, the first Jesuits arrived at the port of Hoi An - Italian Jesuit Fr Francesco Buzomi and Portuguese Jesuits Fr Diogo Carvalho and Br Antonios Dias with some other 70 Jesuits expelled from Japan. They took refuge with the Japanese Catholic community taking asylum in Hoi An, after fleeing the furious persecutions of Christians in Japan.

With Pope Francis for St Peter Faber

Pope Francis celebrated Mass with his fellow Jesuits on January 3, in the mother church of the Society of Jesus, the church of the Gesù, in Rome.  The Mass marked the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus and gave thanks for the enrollment of the first Jesuit to be ordained a priest, Fr Peter Faber SJ, in the list of the saints.  About 350 Jesuits were present.

In his homily, Pope Francis spoke of the particular way in which the Jesuit Order is marked - and desires to be signed - by the name of Jesus: "To march," he said, "beneath the standard of His Cross".

Peter Faber declared a saint

More than 140 years after he was beatified, Peter Faber is now a saint.  The announcement was made on December 17, Pope Francis’ 77th birthday, and is something of a gift to his fellow Jesuits for whom Faber is a well-loved role model.

With Faber’s “equivalent canonization”, the pope extended his devotion to the universal Church and inscribed him in the catalogue of saints, bypassing the Vatican’s typical procedures for sainthood which include ascertaining two miracles to their intercession.

Finding God in the Digital Age

The British Jesuit Provincial, Fr Dermot Preston SJ, recently delivered a lecture as part of the Faith Matters series in Westminster Cathedral in London.

Learning from the past for the Society’s mission today

Fr Adolfo Nicolás SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, recently invited every Jesuit, all our collaborators, every community, apostolic work, Region and Province of the Society to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Restoration of the Society in 2014 “with humble and sincere gratitude to the Lord, with a desire to learn from our history, and as an occasion for spiritual and apostolic renewal”.

The Living Word

America magazine, a Jesuit publication in the United States, has launched The Living Word: Scripture in the Life of the Church, a two-year, multi-platform project in collaboration with the American Bible Society aimed at promoting deeper engagement with the Bible.

Praying with paintbrushes

Fr Bob Gilroy SJ has led arts-based Ignatian retreats around the country ever since he discovered the connection between art and prayer while lying in a hospital bed awaiting a kidney transplant at age 24. Now 54 years old, Fr Gilroy works at Bread of Life Ministries in Sacramento, Calif., training spiritual directors to use art in their ministry.

Re-creating the Apostleship of Prayer in Asia

What is the face of the Apostleship of Prayer in Asia? This was the main question delegates at the 5th Apostleship of Prayer Asian Conference had to address as they gathered to discuss how to re-create the apostolate.

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