In 1998, the Jesuits returned to Myanmar at the request of the country’s bishops who remembered the good work of American Jesuits from Maryland who were in charge of the major seminaries in Yangon. For some years, the Myanmar mission was placed under the care of the Regional Superior of Thailand, who was “ex officio” the Major Superior of the Myanmar Mission.

In 2011, in view of the rapid growth of the mission and new challenges, the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific was given a three-year mission to plan and implement new apostolic and governance arrangements for Myanmar.

The Myanmar Mission comprises around 40 Jesuits, over 30 of whom are indigenous to Myanmar and currently in formation. The Society in Myanmar has a candidates program, a novitiate and two educational institutions as well as a social services programme and a variety of services in support of the local church.  In 2013, the first Myanmar Jesuit priest was ordained.