Asian Christology

Father AMA Samy SJ discusses his concept of Asian Christology in a recent paper titled Asian Christology will be Mahayana Christology.  In it, Fr Samy says that what is sorely needed is a creative Asian Christology and a life of discipleship inspired by such a vision.  He argues for a Mahayana vision of Christ and God, and concludes:

“Mahayana vision and ideas can serve the faith uniquely for an Asian Christology as no other philosophy or world view can do: it is the vision of Christ as the door and way, and not as an object standing in our way demanding all our attention and worship, which is the function of an idol. The privileged space of realizing the vision will be in the liturgy, and if I may add, in a spiritual practice of dialogue such as in zen.”

A Zen Buddhist teacher, Fr Samy has said that even after becoming a Jesuit priest, he was still unfulfilled in his spiritual life. He started visiting Hindu ashrams and Buddhist meditation centres.  His quest and searching even led him to become a wandering beggar for a while before he met Fr Enomiya Lassalle who directed him to Japan and the Zen way, which drew him the most. 

Zen, he says, is a marvellous spiritual way that has compassion and awakening at its very core.