The New Curia Website Is Online

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Beginning October 15 the web site has evolved into the web site of ‘The Jesuit Curia in Rome – The House of the Superior General’.

The homepage contains fresh colours and an attractive layout. Top left is the new Jesuit Curia Logo, designed by Elias Lopez. Under the navigation toolbar system (in three languages: English, French and Spanish) you see at the left side our “Visiting Card” with a reference to a key expression of last General Congregation 35: ‘Sent to the frontiers, following Jesus, a fire that kindles other fires’. Clicking on this ‘Visitors Tab’ will open the home page of the ‘Mission’ part of the web site (part 2 on the navigation bar).

At the right side of the home page you see an image of Father General, welcoming you on his homepage. Clicking will open the home page of the ‘Jesuit Curia’ part of the web site (the first part of the navigation bar) and you will get a welcome page from Father General and an overview of the Curia. 

In this website you can find a complete presentation of our Curia:  the different offices, services and secretariats, with many pictures of who they are, and what are they doing.  Also, there is a complete page concentrated on the texts of Father General with speeches, interviews, slideshows (and in the future audio excerpts). This first part of the website offers a structural approach.

The second part (‘Mission’) starts with a central page of the 3rd decree of GC 35 about our mission and develops how this vision on our mission is implemented in our Curia. 

In the News part you will find an archive of Jesuits around the world, the News Bulletin of the Curia, an overview of the ‘Breaking News’, appearing on the home page as well as a collection of podcasts and slideshows. 

Furthermore, there is information about Jesuits in Rome and in the World along with some search functions. RSS feeds informing you about new podcasts have been reactivated. In a near future we hope to inform you about Breaking news and Slideshows via RSS.

Source: Electronic News Service SJ Vol. XV, no. 20, | 18 October 2010